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The Senior-Friendly Guide to Downsizing Your Home

Guest blog by Andrea Needham from

There are a lot of reasons to downsize in your golden years. Whether you want to move closer to family, relocate to a more attractive retirement destination, or just find a home better suited to your budget and lifestyle, downsizing can help you achieve your goals.

Before you can reap the benefits of a downsized home, you need to prepare your home to sell, determine what you need from a downsized home, and plan your move. It’s a lot to accomplish, but these resources can help.

Setting a Price for Your Home

Fixing Up Your Home to Sell — Or Not

Hiring Pros for Your Big Move

Deciding Where to Move

Budgeting for a New Home

Packing Up the House

Moving is never easy, but with these tips, your downsize will be as close to a stress-free move as it gets! If you need more help downsizing for your golden years, connect with local experts who can help make your downsizing dreams a reality.

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