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Building the Best Medicare Insurance Brokerage

Medicare Supplement Applications
Yvette working on some Medigap applications.

Several years ago, Troy and I decided to turn our focus entirely to the Medicare health insurance market. The shift in focus to Medicare was in response to constant feedback from our clients that Medicare help was an invaluable service in an complicated industry. They felt that we helped them choose the right plan, save money by shopping options, and offered great service after the sale. Fast forward to 2019 and we have nearly a thousand loyal clients. Our clients have given us glowing online reviews and many of them send us referrals several times a year. We are proud of the business we have built and we wanted to highlight some of the things we think make us a great insurance brokerage.

Giving recommendations based on the client's needs

When we talk to a new client for the first time, we never start out with an idea of what insurance we want to sell. Instead, we interview the client and learn about their exact situation before making a recommendation. Our clients come from all walks of life and live in different parts of the country. We don't just ask for their date of birth and zip code. We also ask about their travel plans, their budget for co-pays, and if there is a certain doctor or specialist they want to see.

In the case of plans with prescription coverage, it is important to make a recommendation that works for their prescription list and preferred pharmacy. With enough information, we not only make the right plan recommendation, but we also get to know our client on a personal level, which is a valuable connection.

Offering multiple carrier options

Since day one, we've been an independent insurance agency. That means that we are not beholden to a particular insurance company, instead we add value by comparing the rates from a multitude of companies. Offering a variety of Medicare insurance carriers has set us apart for our clients. They know they are getting a competitive rate. Some carriers offer additional benefits like gym memberships, while other carriers offer flexibility in premium payment (like paying by check or credit card). By offering multiple carrier options, we can tailor a recommendation to fit a client's preferences and budget.

Making the application process easy

Medicare insurance applications are often 20+ pages long. The application questions can be confusing and require industry experience to fill them out correctly. We go through the application questions with our clients in entirety and then provide a pre-filled application that only requires signatures and dates, no additional info. Our clients love the pre-filled application packets that we send out, complete with postage-paid return envelopes, instructions, and even a pen for signing the application.

Offering ongoing service

Both Medicare plans and client needs can change over time. We don't just sell a Medicare plan and then disappear. We stay with our clients over the years after assisting with enrollment. Each year during annual enrollment, we conduct an annual review to update any prescription drug info that has changed. When needed, we facilitate conference calls with medical facilities, government agencies, and insurance companies to offer assistance. Our clients certainly appreciate having an advocate to reach out to in the complex Medicare world.

Providing compassion and friendliness in a busy industry

Currently, Medicare has over 44 million enrollees (about 15% of the US population). The lion's share of those Medicare beneficiaries receive some form of supplemental insurance from about 10 major insurance companies. The result is no surprise - very busy insurance companies that are wrestling with thousands of daily applications. Unfortunately, customer service, long hold times, and confusion can be some of the side effects. We strive to be the company that helps make sense of Medicare. We are a friendly voice on the phone that offers help and accurate advice. We stand out in the crowd with our personal touch, which goes a long way in such a busy and often impersonal industry.

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20 de nov. de 2020

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