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Medicare Part D Alert: Crestor/Rosuvastatin

Updated: May 22, 2019

Medicare prescription drug plan

Rosuvastatin is the generic form of Crestor, a drug that reduces bad cholesterol. As you might imagine, it's a very popular prescription drug among seniors. In 2018, some Medicare Part D prescription drug plans completely covered Rosuvastatin, which allowed seniors to fill their prescription for free.

This year, however, many of those same plans have updated their drug formularies. As a result, seniors who paid $0 to fill their Rosuvastatin prescription might end up paying $47 in some instances in 2019.

The lesson? Review your Medicare prescription drug plan each year during Annual Open Enrollment (Oct 15 through December 7). Your plan being a perfect fit in 2018 does not guarantee it's your best option for 2019. Plans change annually and these changes can dramatically impact your coverage.

Our consultants are happy to offer a free Medicare Part D review. The best way to ensure you're always in the best prescription drug plan is to review your options every year. If it makes sense to switch plans, it can usually be done in as little as 10 minutes and your old plan will automatically be cancelled.

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