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New Prescription Drug Part D Rates for 2017!

Updated: May 22, 2019

Medicare Open Enrollment

With the constant deluge of Medicare marketing, you're probably well-aware that we're currently in the thick of the Annual Open Enrollment Period. This is the best time of the year to sign up for Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) or prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D). If you already have a Part C or Part D plan, Open Enrollment is the best time to review your current plan and decide whether you should switch to a better option.

Prescription Drug Plans for 2017

How do you know if there is a better prescription drug plan available? First, read our blog post on Choosing a Prescription Drug Plan. As you'll read, the cost of the plan is certainly a factor. So let's take a look at the newest Part D premiums for 2017. While there are variances in premiums across states, some of the most popular plans are generally in the following ballpark: $17.00 - $28.90.

Relying on the monthly premiums alone to make your prescription drug coverage decision is a mistake. Each plan covers different prescription drugs. Some plans have higher deductibles than others. Your best course of action is to ask a qualified agent for a personalized prescription drug quote. The agent can run your current prescription drugs through each plan and give you an estimated annual cost.

Prescription Drug Quote

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