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When is Medicare Annual Open Enrollment?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Medicare Open Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Open Enrollment ("AEP") is important, but not for purposes of purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan. Let's explore what you need to know about AEP, also called the Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Period.

Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Period

The Medicare Fall Open Enrollment Period occurs annually between October 15 and December 7. This open enrollment period is relevant to Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) and prescription drug plans (Medicare Part D). This is not an open enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans. You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan anytime (although the best time is during your Initial Enrollment Period).

Enroll in Medicare Advantage or a Prescription Drug Plan

Between October 15 and December 7 you can enroll in either a Medicare Advantage or a prescription drug plan. The Fall Open Enrollment period is your opportunity to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan if you failed to do so during your initial enrollment period or were not eligible for a special enrollment period.

Switch Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans

Aside from signing up for a Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan, the Fall Open Enrollment Period allows you to switch between plans. If you currently have a Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan, you really should consider taking advantage of this opportunity to switch to a different plan.

If you're happy with your current plan, you'll probably end up staying with it, but the smartest enrollees have their insurance agent run Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plan quotes for them every Fall Open Enrollment. These plans are updated every year, so often there are more competitive plans available, particularly if the prescription drugs you take have changed since you first enrolled in your plan.

Request a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan Quote

If you're interested in having one of our Medicare Insurance Consultants review your Medicare options or provide you with plan quotes, please don't hesitate to give us a call or click the "request quote" button.

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