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What is Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Updated: May 22, 2019

You may have recently seen commercials touting Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F. But what exactly is Plan F and what does it cover?

Of all the Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policies, Medigap Plan F is the most comprehensive. The benefits covered by a Medigap Plan F plan include:

  • Your Medicare Part A deductible

  • Your Medicare Part B deductible

  • Medicare Part B excess charges

  • Medicare Part A hospice care co-payment

  • Medicare Part A hospital and co-insurance costs for a year after your Medicare benefits have been exhausted

  • Skilled Nursing Facility co-insurance

  • Preventative care Medicare Part B co-insurance

  • Medicare Part B co-insurance or co-payment

  • Foreign travel emergencies

  • The first three pints of blood used in an approved medical procedure (annually)

Plan F also has an option called a high deductible Plan F. This high deductible plan pays the same benefits as Plan F after you have paid $2,180 in deductible in a year. Because you're paying over $2,000 in deductible, this policy has lower premiums than traditional Plan F.

Plan F is generally the most expensive Medicare Supplement plan. It ends up making most sense for folks who will likely be receiving extensive medical services. If you're interested in a personalized Medigap quote comparing the rates for the various Medigap plans, we're happy to provide one for free and with no-obligation.

Beginning in January 2020, Plan F will no longer be available to newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

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