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Save Money with the California Birthday Rule

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Birthday Rule Explained

California residents can switch their Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans with California's Birthday Rule. The rule allows you to switch to a plan with another carrier with no underwriting in the 30 days following your birthday. This is a great opportunity to save on your monthly premiums.

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At Medicare Life Group we offer more than just free Medicare quotes. Our Medicare consultants are able to help you make sense of the nuances of your Medicare insurance decisions. We guide you through the process: explaining the basics of Medicare, determining which type of Medicare insurance makes most sense for your specific situation, and ultimately taking care of the enrollment process for you.

We don't leave you once you're enrolled. Our goal is to have life-long relationships with our clients. We keep in touch throughout the year to make sure you're happy with your policy and to inform you of any opportunities to switch to a different plan that might fit your needs better. 

We truly value the one-on-one relationships we form with our clients. After all, our success as a company relies on happy clients and referrals.

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